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Definite ‘Wow’ Factor  

Spacious design leaves client glowing

Build your business around what you love

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Published: Tuesday, May 01, 2012, 8:50 AM
Hunterdon County Democrat By Hunterdon County Democrat

By Al Warr

People who start businesses do so for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes they need a little push to get them to take the plunge.

Many years ago, the company that employed me was located at 60 Wall Street. It was the early 1970s, and New York City was facing some dark days financially. The company bigwigs decided to sell the building and move the company to Tulsa, Okla. I waved them goodbye and started a business of my own. My wife was horrified.

For ten years, Dana Lane handled photography for NJN Publishing and this newspaper. She was laid off in 2009, and one week later, she started her own business.

“My photojournalism background sets me apart from other photographers,” she told me. “I focus on three areas — weddings, family portraits and commercial photography.”

Lane does about twenty weddings a year. Weddings can be time consuming, because she covers the pre- and post-wedding events as well as the ceremony itself.

“I go out to the sites and hang out,” she said. This puts people at ease and turns photography into a fun event, she explained. It can also add an extra dimension to the pictures of family and friends, products and activities.

She has won numerous awards for her work. For more information, call her at 908-310-3577 or visit

For people going into business, it’s helpful to have had work experiences early in life. In my own case, I grew up on a dairy farm. It taught me a work ethic that prepared me for establishing my own business.

Mike Medea grew up in Clinton Township and he had a lawn cutting business in high school. He went on to earn a degree from Rutgers/Cook College and become a landscape architect. He has more than 20 years experience in the field.

Two years ago he established his own operation, Medea Landscaping Studio. It’s based in Califon and serves all of New Jersey and beyond. The business will be starting its third year in July.

“I focus on design and look at projects comprehensively,” he told me. This includes project management, construction, and follow-through for residential, commercial and institutional undertakings.

“Design is a collaborative effort,” he said. “People have to be a part of the process. I get an understanding of what people want and bring it to life working within their budget.” With the economy being what it is currently, people are more careful these days, he noted.

Medea’s work covers a very wide range of activities. He designs and handles the installation of projects as simple as a backyard patio to areas covering a hundred or more acres. He can work in phases to accomplish an overall design, stretching out costs in the process.

For more information about Medea and his work, call 908 328-4531 or visit

From having been there myself, I have a keen appreciation for the life of the business owner. It’s a 24/7/365 affair.

Peter Shebey and Hunter Murphy opened their Fierce and Fit Functional Training Center in March. It’s located at 117 Broad Street in Flemington.

Both men offer personal training as well as group training and boot camp classes.
“It’s multi-movement exercise here,” said Shebey. “We’re always moving, and I don’t use a lot of machines.”

He holds a B.S. degree from Rider University, and he has competed in dozens of body building competitions.

Hunter Murphy went to Hunterdon Central High School and graduated from Roanoke College with a B.S. in Health & Human Performance. A specialty is his work with high school and college athletes.

“Hunter is a certified athletic trainer who does sports rehab work,” said Shebey. “Lower back, knee and shoulder are the common injuries.”

Shebey and Murphy do a special boot camp and cross training for both men and women. They also work with people who want to lose weight, evaluating and changing the regimen every two weeks or so.

There are no contracts and no memberships here. For more information, call Shebey at 908 392-5893 or Murphy at 908 752-2645, or visit
Setting up and operating a business is not easy. But it must be something you love.

Reach Al Warr at 610-253-0432 or

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